Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fingers crossed ...

I am probably going to get on an Antarctic cruise starting March 1st ... have been waitlisted, but it appears that some of the people registered have failed to make their final payment. So that means they open up the waitlist to other people (like me) who have expressed an interest.

Whoo-hoo! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I should know in the next day or so.

I decided it would be very cool to hit every continent this year, so Antarctica had to be on the list. And since I was planning on going to South America anyway ... well, why not start at the very bottom, after cruising down south, and work my way back up? That way I'll have made it to the Inca Trail part of South America after the rain has gone away, and I won't have to hike through knee-deep mud. And I'll spend time down south while it's still warm and sunny. In fact, I'll spend a few weeks in Ushuaia afterwards, as they have a pretty good Spanish school and I'd like to improve upon my very rudimentary knowledge.

I'll let ya know. If I get in, it means sailing for Antarctica on March 1st. Watch this space!

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