Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow ...

I have a doctor's appointment finally!  I have been waiting nearly two months for this -- first it was waiting to see my own doctor, then waiting for the x-ray results, then waiting for an appointment with the specialist ... which is finally tomorrow!!  Yahoo!!

If I'm a little excited about this, perhaps you understand why.  I'm supposed to be spending this year off travelling wherever strikes my fancy, and instead I've been stuck in Toronto for two months longer than planned.  Not that it's been all bad -- I get to hang out with some cool people here and I had fun playing tourist in my own city for a while -- but, really, I'd rather be back on the road.  I just haven't had enough time between the various stages of waiting to make going anywhere feel worthwhile.

No idea what the orthopaedic specialist will tell me tomorrow.  Wrist still hurts if I bend it the wrong way, put any pressure on it, or use it to scrub or write or, well, pretty much anything else, actually ... so I'm guessing it's not entirely healed.  But whether that's going to mean a cast, or just more of what I've been doing (keeping it wrapped up in a brace), I do not know.

Nor do I know if I'm going to have to go back again.  If I do, with luck it'll be either very soon after or a couple of months down the road ... long enough to travel somewhere in the second case, although not quite around the world.   I'm going somewhere, at any rate, even if I only have a week or two before having to go back again -- Ontario road trip, maybe.  I could even check out bus transportation here and see how it compares with Argentina (I have a feeling it won't measure up to Southern standards).

Whatever it is, it'll be good ... I'm even starting to bore myself just hanging around the city (and I have a pretty high tolerance for myself), and even though my sister is one of the most tolerant and easygoing people I know (Shelley, not Julie -- not that you would really wonder if you know them both) she's probably tired of having an extra person around the apartment.  I love my place, but it really isn't big enough for two.

(Then again ... I did let her stay here for a year or so when she first came back from Australia/NZ, so perhaps I shouldn't feel too sorry for her.  Hee hee ... karmic payback, or something.)

Hoping, too, that my boss agrees to 3 extra months off, so I can make up for some of the time I've been grounded in Toronto.  But no news on that either yet -- I'll keep ya posted.

Wish me luck!  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

p.s.  This is why I like blogging ... I get to ramble on about any random thing that strikes my fancy, even after people have gotten tired of hearing me talk about it.

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