Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oops, I was too busy eating and forgot to write ...

I have a bit of catch-up to do.  I think I left you in Londonderry, and I have some more stuff to tell you about Ireland and Scotland and London.  But with all the associated trials and tribulations of getting home again, and then Christmas and family stuff and all my time being taken up eating and whatnot, I forgot to get back to this.

Anyway, I promise to do it again tomorrow.  I'm not feeling very writer-y tonight and my brain is tired after finishing a very interesting (but fairly heavy and information-dense) read on the history of cancer.  So it needs a break before it can cope with organizing my random thoughts about the rest of my travels, and about what's coming up next, into some kind of logical and (I hope) entertaining order.

But for now, I'm just going to go in search of more junk food.    Mmmm, chocolate.  And jelly beans.  And pumpkin pie.  That's on top of all the turkey I've eaten. (Needless to say, Christmas is not the time to try to go vegetarian.  Maybe in India.)  Someone asked me recently if I was anorexic (I guess the change in my eating habits is fairly dramatic, or at least the amount of weight I've lost is); they would have been very reassured on that point by the vast number of calories I've consumed over Christmas.

I think I'd better get travelling again soon, or all my success at getting-fit-and-losing-weight-without-really-trying in South America will be completely undone.  (Newfoundland already posed a bit of a setback with an all-fried-food-all-the-time diet, and with all the real ale and potatoes in Scotland and Ireland the most recent jaunt probably hasn't done me any favours either.)

So tomorrow.  Last day of 2010 and all that, so I'd like to get caught up and start 2011 fresh.  (And maybe gloat a little bit about how I was supposed to be going back to work in 4 days, but now won't be for another 3 months.  But I'll try to restrain the gloating -- there are too many people who know where I live and who might hunt me down and hurt me.)

In the meantime -- hope y'all had yourselves a merry little Christmas.  What's everyone planning for New Year's Eve?

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